Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cali Trip - 8

San Francisco was not the kind of place that I was excited about traveling to, but it turned out to be a blast. The only thing that we did wrong was hiking too long. We started off learning how to use the mass transit to travel from our hotel in Oakland to the waterfront in San Francisco. Even just figuring out how to get the tickets was a challenge. Then, we started the walk along the docks and decided to have lunch up in Chinatown. We hiked up the streets, while just about everyone else rode the trolleys. It wasn't long before I was winded.
The night before, we had driven into town and actually found a parking place near the fisherman's wharf. The driving I did was only possible because of the woman's voice in google maps...I'm driving straight up into the sky and she says "turn right in 500 feet" and I just obeyed. I still amazed that people can ride bicycles up and down these hills.
We stopped for lunch at a random Chinese place in Chinatown. Most of the stores we went by were similar to our dollar stores, only with much nicer stuff. I really enjoyed the walk and seeing the stores. The lunch we had seemed like it was going to be more expensive than I'm used to for Sweet and Sour pork, but once the food came, we were spoiled for good. It seemed like every time I've had Chinese food before was just a pale imitation of this. Even the rice was something special. I'm still remembering how good that was...A trip to Chinatown just for the food was worth it!

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