Friday, September 12, 2014

Cali Trip - 7

Thursday morning, we arrived at Santa Cruz and walked out onto the pier early, before the crowd showed up. Nothing much for waves, but we did see a few seals playing in the water. Then, off in the distance I saw a wave breaking against a cliff and suddenly the figure of a surfer on the wave. We jumped into the car and drove off to the cliff. There we found a a large group of surfers and onlookers, many with dogs and jogging outfits. The group of surfers in the water was small and the situation looked dangerous.
There was a statue and a memorial to all of the surfers who lost their lives surfing this point. I saw one guy about my age trying to get out of the water with his longboard and saw how just getting out could cost you your life. There were jagged rocks all along the store and the only way out appeared to be weaving your way through the rocks between waves. If a big wave came while you were there, I'm not sure how you would survive it. The waves, however looked great and the surfers put on a good show, especially one older woman on a longboard that made it look effortless.
Once again I asked a surfer for the name of this place that I accidentally came across...Steamer Lane, was the of the famous spots I had heard of as a kid..and that's what this trip seems to be, us just finding these cool places!

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