Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cali Trip - 6

Why do we take photos? For me, it's the only way I'm going to remember anything. Plus, it's exciting to capture what you see. This day at Blacks, was the only way I was going to do anything but look. It was a 30 minute climb down the cliff, ignoring signs that said DANGER do not do this! The waves looked scary and huge even from this distance. I was happy taking pix and then walking over to the glider center and watching the parasailors glide up and down the cliffs. This was yet again an accidental stop. We were just driving along and saw some cars parked in the middle of nowwhere at a college on a weekend. First we saw the glider stuff, and then started noticing kids with surfboards jumping out of their cars and heading down the cliff. One thing I learned on this trip, many people just go surfing for a short time. I think this is how they deal with the cold water. They don't really plan a whole day surf trip, maybe just an hour in the water is all they want. I even heard of people that just go out to be social and don't even try to catch waves...I cannot imagine that!

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