Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cali Trip - 10: Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a little town on the side of the road between LA and San Francisco. We passed through many small towns and they all seemed to have a distinctive flair. The strange claim to fame here is a easily recognizable landscape. There is a giant rock sitting right there on the edge of town and three giant smokestacks of a power plant nearby. There are T-Shirts that say "3 Smokestacks and a Rock" for sale in the town. We caught the place early in the day on off season and got to enjoy the scenery without a crowd, but from the looks of things, they are very used to crowds of tourists. There is a great surfshop and many gift stores and eateries on the main drag, which looks to be made for parking your car and walking the rest of the day. This is all right on the water of a small harbor with fishing boats, rental kayaks and paddleboards, and your pick of seals to gawk at. We almost immediately upon arrival heard the signature barking of seals and had to go take a look at a extra large one that was posing for photographs. I started getting very interested in the social life of seals as it seems like most of them will fight for rights to the best rock in the middle of 100 seals, and then you find one or 2 seals just laying by themselves...is this something similar to people? And the big ones that come right up to the edge of the dock with people all clustered around and then just strike poses. Wanna-be movie star seals? I don't know enough yet, but it's hard to watch them for any length of time without wanting to know more...meanwhile, the local people give them about as much attention as we give squirrels...

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