Saturday, February 22, 2014

Waiting for a change in the weather

Well, it's raining right now, but earlier this week? We had some of the kind of weather we like to brag about. The surf forecast said no waves, but we went anyway and hung out at New Symrna Beach. I had forgotten about the charm of that place and we went to the shops and got something to eat while waiting for the tide to drop enough to ride on the sand up to the inlet. It was worth the wait to get down there and ride the waves. It seems like there are almost always something to ride at that just have to block out that this is one of the sharkiest places around.
My wife and I had a great time and were constantly getting buzzed by a pair of Goodyear blimps..I think they were practicing for filming the Nascar race that was coming up.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Remembering Machias, ME

Machias, ME...just a little bitty dot on the map, but I won't forget that place. We stopped on the way to Canada and stayed in this cool old motel that seemed made for men going on hunting trips. We went to the local diner and had some of the best food we had eaten for a while. They said they had bragging rights for their pie, but we were too full to even try dessert. It was then I realized that this was some kind of layover spot for bicyclists. I saw many riding by the whole time we were eating and stepped outside to see a rails-to-trail station across the street. The next morning I took my bike out and rode on about 5 miles of the trail. The whole thing was great, a peaceful fog, farms and farm animals along the way. When I think of Maine, this is one of the things I know I will do again...and it was all by chance, stopping on the side of the road...