Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cali Trip 11: Oceanside

One of my must-see spots was the Oceanside pier and we made it there on our first day. By the time we got there, the wind was on the waves and we felt like we may have already seen the best of the day down at WindandSea in the morning. But...the waves were still big and there were some expert surfers out of the pier taking on these giant (to my Florida eyes) waves. What it looked like to me from the pier was getting through the waves and mastering the takeoffs was the skill part. Once on the waves, the break seemed very predictable, the guys were pumping their boards to gather speed and I didn't see a lot of fancy manuvers.That takeoff however, was tricky and more than a few of these guys would be bounced right out of the wave on takeoff. I felt the adrenaline rush just watching the swell pop up right next to the pier. Some of the guys surfing were older and didn't even look in shape enough to get out, but they knew HOW to get out and they didn't look worried. Oceanside had a nice vibe to the pier area. Buskers, crazy people, skateboarders, plenty to keep you entertained. The water was cold, but no worse than Rock Springs here in Central Florida. I did have many locals tell me that the water was much warmer than usual..."like bathwater, mate," said one guy.

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