Saturday, March 22, 2014

Way Off The Beaten Path

A chance meeting in a local grocery store led us to one of the most interesting stops yet: Catalahoochee Valley. I even had a hard time nailing down where this park was located and once we were on the way, it was still difficult to believe that this was a road that was meant for visitors to travel. 10 miles of winding single lane dirt road climbing and descending a mountain. The whole time, I felt sure that somebody would come flying around a hairpin turn and send us both over the cliff. The payoff was a secluded area that contained a herd of elk that had been moved here for preservation years ago. We had been told to get there early in the morning to catch them feeding in the fields, but early was impossible for us. We got lucky because the elk were still hanging around into the afternoon. They were careful when crossing the road, but they didn't seem to mind us much at all. There were several hikes and we took two of them. In this one day, I felt we got as far from civilization as could be. The lesson learned is that the best things in life aren't always in the guidebooks. I am so thankful for the friendly lady in Ingels for sharing her secret spot...

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