Monday, March 17, 2014

The Only People Heading North: Part II

I'm going to have to rethink that title. I95 in Georgia and South Carolina were worse than I4 gets in Orlando and that is really saying something. SUV's pulling motorcycles on trailers, partiers from Savannah heading back home. That and sprinkle in some rain and we had a parking lot on the freeway for hours. We finally got off and took back roads as much as we could. If I had this to do over, I would have skipped the freeways altogether, or like my wife said, not take a trip during March, which seems to be one long spring break.

One thing we did right was to head out to Tybee Island early in the morning. We checked out a kayak/paddleboard shop and drove on to the beach and the main surfing spot, the pier. There were no waves this day and it was overcast with a cool hard wind blowing. Even with all that, there were a few teenagers in bathing suits, but most people were wearing coats for just walking about. Tybee island had some interesting-looking possibilities for paddleboarding: little islands and shoals just offshore. It is definitely a place I would like to explore in the summertime.

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