Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Sunrise in the Mountains

It's a beautiful place once you get here, but it does involve some pain. The freeways are jammed with people heading north and south for spring break, St. Patrick's day celebrations and more. Up here though, it's a different story. It's a little early in the season, 30 degrees this morning, clear blue sky and the sun is on it's way up in the sky. This looks like a day for relaxing or hiking to me. One thing that strikes me as odd is that we are isolated, yet connected. Here I am on the internet looking at pictures of cats or I can get up and be as far away from that world as I can imagine...and so can most of my friends from what I see in their photos. I'm beginning to see the possibility of a life that doesn't involve commutes, sitting in traffic jams, and working in badly-lit office environments. I have a feeling that the residents of the future will marvel at how we worked, as we look back at the photos of "steno pools". Yes, I feel certain that the people that believe that the open collaborative work environment, or more commonly known as a telemarketers' boiler room, only see them as a good place for OTHER people to work.

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