Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach 3/9/2014

Sunday was a nice outing with one of our larger groups. We met up at Lori Wilson park in Cocoa Beach, which is great for parking and shower/restrooms. It sports a boardwalk from the parking lot to the beach that takes you through a woodsy area out on the nice expanse of sand and water. There are lifeguards and a decent break. The spot is well known by surfers, but is not considered one of the main hangouts, which is all the better for us. You won’t be dealing with “king of the peak” here. The parking is free, which isn’t always the case in Cocoa Beach, and by the way…they check the meters frequently at metered spots, so forgetting you quarters for the meter could lead to a very expensive surf trip. This trip we were lucky to have some of Florida’s best March weather. I was able to get by with a spring suit, although I did notice a lot of full suits in the lineup. The surf was predicted to be decent, and sure enough, the water was peppered with surfers. There still room for three of us on paddleboards though. There was a nice little swell, but a north crosswind was present with some side chop. This made the act of standing on your paddleboard more along the lines of standing up in a boat fishing on a choppy day. I got some waves that I was really happy about, but also missed more waves than I have in a long time.
We got out of the water at lunchtime and stumbled back to the cars and headed to a Mexican joint that one of the guys in our group knew about. I loved the atmosphere, but the food I had was baked to about 900 degrees in the oven with the plate and all I could taste was heat…until I accidentally put their hottest sauce on my food and multiplied the heat by 100%! My favorite Mexican food at Cocoa Beach is Taco City…and I have yet to find something better. Please let me know of any good spots you have tried. I’m always looking for new spots.

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