Friday, March 21, 2014

The Time When Everyone Is Busy Elsewhere

There is a sweet spot and we have accidentally found it in the Smokey Mountain National Park. We are, at the most, one week away from the busy season. The stores are open, but not crowded, and you can walk into a diner and get fed like you would back home. We found free parking in Gatlinburg, TN and that is something to brag about. We drove through the two lane mountain road in light traffic and pretty much could do anything we wanted without that feeling you can get here, of being too many people spoiling the effect of nature.
It's cold in the morinings, about 23 degrees, but by lunchtime, we were in shirtsleeves. It's hard for me to be this far away from paddleboard water, but I have seen one or two people before on inflatables going down rivers...I'm not sure about that kind of water, but I do have my eyes open for coldwatermen out there. The lesson I have learned is to study what makes up the "High Season" for a place and get there right before or right after, what a difference that makes...

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