Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Curse of Too Much Stuff

I have a recurring bad dream that involves me finding out that one of the first cars I ever owned is still mine, but I forgot where I left it. I'm madly searching in parking lots and family garages trying to find where I left it. In my mind, I am a minimalist, but in reality, I tend to have too much stuff. I start to panic when Craigslist lets me down and I can't sell something. I need to get to the point where I just load up my truck and drop things off at Goodwill, but I really have trouble doing that with man-toys. The photo above is a full blown version of that dream: the Snodgrass property in North Carolina. It is this beautiful place that nobody has time to take care of. I can imagine living there, almost. It is remote to the point that it is about an hour's drive to any store. We hiked the land and saw where Pam's uncle used to make his pottery, where the family would sit for dinners, where the show horses were kept, and imagined how hard it must have been to leave this place. What's wrong of course, is that this is no place to be when you need a doctor or a hospital. I just hope this place doesn't become the place in my dream where my old Mustang must be parked....

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