Thursday, May 21, 2015

That Day When You Finally Have Had Enough..

I'm almost glad that the waves have dropped down to 1 foot. I need to get back home and take care of the yard and many other neglected chores. It's been a great time, watching Jeff's granddaughter (my grand niece) and his dogs. You should have seen me walking a giant English Mastiff and then a fat old dachshund. It was more dangerous walking those dogs than about anything else I have done. Jeff lives on a long straight stretch of road with no sidewalks and even the cops seem to be trying out how fast they can go. The neighbor told me yesterday that he had to dive for cover when mowing the yard when a girl went by texting and almost clipped him.
Every day for two weeks, our decisions have been 'fishing or beach?'. I have surfed until I had nothing left, read books for longer than I can remember, and have been some of the last folks leaving the beach at the end of the day. NSB is a really nice place to be. Every day we drive through woods that remind me of the outskirts of Orlando back in the 1970's and then cross the bridge to the beach town we know so well. It does get too crowded. It does get traffic jams...but compared to what you get the minute you cross the St. Johns heading to Orlando, it is very easy to take. I always wanted to live at the beach and now I'm realizing that, you know what? It is close enough...

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