Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hitting New Smyrna Beach in May

This has been a great trip, and I am getting to that point where I don't wake up anxious to get to the beach before the wind blows the waves out. Too many times it has gotten better later in the day with the tide and then there are days like today, where it is a chop-fest and the jellyfish start washing up on the beach. There is plenty of time to enjoy the parks, the walks, picking up trash on the beach and checking out cool places to eat. JB's Fish camp is a place that we love to hit, mainly because it is outside on the water, and very close to Bethune Beach. I've been surprised by how few people surf there on weekdays. In Cocoa Beach, it is a really poor surf day when no one is out at a popular spot.
We've also had a lot of fun with our Grand niece, Zoey...a good excuse to hit every ice cream place in town!

Next up? Kayak fishing in Mosquito Lagoon!

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