Monday, May 4, 2015

Camping During The Best Weekend Yet

The Perkins brothers went for what we thought would be the last gasp of a chance to camp together before the time of year that sends northerners back screaming to their homes. Instead, we got the best weather we could ever hope for. Early on I realized that there is no photograph that can convey what it felt like. We were in Princess Place Preserve, a large park with few amenities, and fewer campsites. Each site has it's own special charm and while in your site, it is almost possible to believe that you are totally alone in the wilderness. At twilight, I could sometimes make out the smoke or a glint of a light from our nearest neighbor.
We got Dock#2 which is a large spit of land surrounded by a weaving waterway. Most of the time I was just amazed that I was cold and realized that no matter how I prepare...there is always something I didn't take. This time it was a jacket or sweatshirt. Just earlier on Friday, I was surfing without a wetsuit, and then I was huddling next to a campfire. My new camping fan never even got used...but that is not a complaint. We all slept like babies each night. The closest I can compare it to was being on top of a mountain in North Carolina.
The only thing bad about Princess Park is that you have few latrine options. There is one shower about 2 miles away that has sorta warm water that smells like sulphur and has "non-potable" warnings...I used it anyway...

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