Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunglow Pier in June, Another Great Trip!

We just came off a week at South Daytona Beach and I spent almost every single morning surfing the Sunglow pier. Actually the waves don't break the best right next to the pier, but that is the hangout area. I saw a lot more paddleboarders this year, and I believe that part of it is due to a nearby massage/exercise/paddleboard shop. I saw groups going out a few times with an instructor, but there was almost always some experienced paddlesurfers in the water as well. My board served me well this trip, enabling me to catch waves in times where the waves were quite mushy. In fact, the tides were extreme the whole week, getting to the point where I was almost riding waves up on to the beach.
The only downside to the whole trip was coming home to 100 degree heat...record setting heat for Central Florida. When I finally unpacked this morning, I was looking at severe damage to my board from the heat. Next to get it fixed.

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