Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Cavern in North Carolina

We took a short trip to the mountains of Carolina this April and while we have been excited about Kayaking, biking and fishing, the weather has been favoring inside activities. A visit to the Caverns in Linville is well worth the expense, which is $8 a person for a guided tour. The tour goes 700 feet back into the mountain and was plenty for me. You get some history about how the cavern was discovered some science about the formations. My interest was more in how the construction inside the cavern was done.
We were told that divers came in at one point and tried to swim down into the hole and were stopped about 30 feet deep by the tight quarters. A line was dropped 250 feet and never hit bottom. Part of the tour includes a walk over that hole on a metal grate, and I was trying to imagine the first person that found that hole...
There was another part of the tour where we were told to make sure we cleaned our feet when leaving the cavern. We were to use a bleach-soaked mat at the end. I started wondering what evil algae growth would be unleashed upon the world if somebody forgot to clean their feet...

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