Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Next Time I'm Bringing My Fly Rod!

A Very Smart Person decided to hang a giant KEEN sign in front of his fly fishing shop. It pulled my wife into the store just like a tasty bait on the end of a fishing line. We haven't walked past too many shoe stores on any trip, and we never pass a KEEN store. However, this store also contained the most fly fishing stuff I have ever seen in my life. Bass Pro? Pfffft! The store is in Biltmore Village, NC and is one of several locations for CurtisWright Outfitters. Josh knew I was just browsing, not doing any fishing on this trip, but he was interested in my attempts to get a largemouth bass on a flyrod from my paddleboard back home in Florida. My wife skipped on the shoes, but somehow I left the store with an armload of flies and a wealth of knowledge about Flies. Next trip, I'm going to hire Josh to take me out to the coldest stream they have and go after one of those legendary 4" bream that lurk in the depths of North Carolina streams!

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