Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting A Good Look At Lake Lure

Lake Lure, North Carolina is an interesting man-made lake in a touristy part of North Carolina, but the view from a kayak or paddleboard on the lake is fantastic. We rented from Lake Lure Adventures, which I highly recommend. The water is very deep like you would expect from a valley filled with water, but I wasn't prepared for how pretty and clear the water vegetation at all. I'd have a hard time figuring out where to fish, but some reading on the subject said to fish around the docks while they were in the sunlight. The best part of the journey was viewing the mountains in the background and voting on which mansion we would pick to live in, if money was no object. Next time, I'm dragging my gear up there, because I could go on that lake every day and be okay with the time spend not riding in a car!

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