Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good Waves, and the Paddle Meets the Elbow

I spent a few hours out yesterday on a Postcard-perfect Florida beach day. The sun was hot, the breeze was cool, the water clear and...there were a million vacationers there to celebrate the day with us. I realized as I stood there on the beach, that this is the Florida they know...we know it's: so hot you have to put a towel on the steering wheel of your car, and the sand is so hot that anybody seen barefoot in the dunes, must not be a local.
We went to try out this new paddle, which is wide at the bottom and thinner in the tube section. It worked great and as long as it stays in one piece, this is my new first paddle. I'm also working on my form, as I have found that my tennis elbow issues were not due to lifting weights, but my gonzo "gotta get the wave" paddling. I need to remember that with a carbon fiber's not gonna bend, and my body will. I almost kept myself from paddling like a maniac and I'm not quite as sore today...someday I will learn...

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