Sunday, March 29, 2015

Underwater at Salt Springs...Bring Your Mask And Snorkel?

Our Salt Springs camping trip contained lots of surprises for me. It's about 90 minutes from Orlando and I figured that it couldn't be much different than Rock Springs, Blue Springs or other places that I have visited, but we needed a campsite and this was the only place that had one. My brother Paul, had been there many times and he is the one that convinced me to go swimming even though we knew the water was cold. The weekend was pretty hot and we had little shade, so by late Saturday I was ready to jump in the water. It didn't really seem near as cold as the ocean recently and then the big surprise of how cool it looked underwater. There are not too many times when you can open your eyes down under without worrying about chlorine or the salt, and this was one of those times. Paul never uses a mask here, but I would definitely come back with a mask and flippers, just to enjoy their use in this setting. I'm not sure how crowded this place gets in the summer, but even with a full campground, it didn't seem anything like the crowd at Rock Springs...the distance from any large town is probably the main reason, but this place is well worth a day trip from Orlando. I'd start out early, because I would sure hate to get denied at the gate..not much else to do around here. However, on the way to Palatka to go to the store, I passed a very strange store with giant yard sculptures all around. That alone warrants a return visit with Pam! Underwater video at Salt Springs

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