Monday, March 23, 2015

The Trip Begins With Waves..

I headed out on the road for another adventure, but had to make a stop at the beach on the way. The waves looked very good, but it was semi-overcast, which made it look a little spooky out there. On top of that, the 6 second wave period pretty much made it a non-stop wave machine out there. I was wondering how in the world I would get out on the paddleboard. Being alone, I decided that this was a time to take pix instead. I ran out onto the Sunglow pier and snapped away. Someday I will learn to slow down, grab the tripod and take nice sharp photos, instead of cradling my 500mm lens and thinking "I don't need no stinking tripod!". Even standing on the pier was a bit of a rocking motion with all of the people there.
I noticed later, of the 10 guys in the water, most of my photos were of one guy. This was not on purpose, he was just the guy that was tearing it up. They don't look dangerous here in the pictures, but there was hell to pay if you messed up and had to get back out, so it seemed like most of the guys were being very picky about which waves they took.
My only regret now was that I didn't spend more time on that pier taking photos. If I had known what was waiting for me at the campground in Salt Springs...I would have....

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