Monday, March 16, 2015

Tomoka State Park in March

Camping in Florida this time of year is very interesting. We arrived at Tomoka State Park at the tail end of Bike Week and right in the middle of Spring Break. The weather is perfect and the campground is packed. Some are families, but most are older people with nice campers and their Harleys'. So, for the 2nd husband and wife camping trip in a row, we leave the city for the quiet of the woods and get the roar instead.
We spent the afternoon trying to get down to the beach and long before I could get near the water, I saw surfers and paddleboarders riding waves. First attempt failed when I found out the new high price for beach access and they would not accept a credit card. We then found a spot that required walking half a mile with our gear..but I did find a surf spot I was totally unaware of: The ramp at the far north bridge of Daytona. I didn't even know there was any kind of break here, but it is only minutes (normally) from Tomoka and I got some good waves and had friendly company in the water. I would like to note that the cool clear water was full of moon jellyfish. I'm pretty sure they don't sting, but I was trying my hardest not to find out.
Pam fixed a tremendous dinner of salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, and smoked/flashburned chicken....I'm am so glad that I was not the person in charge of the BBQ this time. We could not get the first going and kept adding wood until we suddenly had a bonfire.
It is early morning now and as soon as I can get Pam up, I'm in charge of breakfast...and then more surf..who could ask for more?

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