Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Beach Always Has Something, Even When You're Sick

This adventure has more twists and turns than usual. Getting sick right before was not in the plans, a great family get-together and excellent surf further kept me from deciding if this was the worst or best week ever. Even now, the wind is howling on shore for the second day and a whirly girl is cooking down in the islands. I could be there for the epic waves of the year, or clinging onto the remaining stanchion of the condo as a storm returns us to the Stone Age. No matter, I have definitely learned that this time is not just one thing, and even as I walk in the largest pile of seaweed I've ever seen, there can be beautiful sandcastles up ahead.
Regardless, I'm going out to walk the sand and admire the storm clouds building and know once more that the adventure is still on!

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