Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Waves, The Ship, and the Brown Stuff

Big waves at the beach bring other things besides an opportunity to surf. We get the seaweed and this year there was more seaweed than I have seen in my lifetime. The seaweed is okay and probably provides extra food options for the birds, but the jellyfish? No, it wasn't the worst kind of jellyfish, just the big pink ones, the kind that break into pieces and become what we know as 'sea-lice'. Sea-lice, you can't see 'em so you can't avoid 'em. Nothing like falling off your board into the water and having parts of your body feel like an electric shock. The only thing worse is when you feel that in your pants!
Seaweed and jellyfish are part of nature, so we accept it for the price of having the waves...but the ship that sat out there at the edge of the horizon for weeks, what is that? And what is the brown foamy stuff we could see at times in the water? You can't help but think that something is either leaking or getting flushed. My wife noticed the brown stuff the most when she had her polarized sunglasses on, just chocolate colored sections of water with brown foam. You really do not know the origin, but when you see cruise ships going by with 5000 people on them and freighter after freighter marching into the horizon, you start to wonder if they really dump their waste far enough away and if they don't, who's going to stop them?

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