Monday, May 19, 2014

Your First Time On The Water

The first time you go out on the water, it can be intimidating, but this sport is really simple and easy. What is not easy is dealing with wind and tides, all of which came into play on this day. Mainly, you need to know which way the tide is going and what kind of wind you have. A strong wind that is blocked by an island, like we had here is fine, as long as you stay in the shadow of the island. The issue with the tide could be that if the tide is going out, it could take you with it, unless you are paying attention to where you are with your landmarks. For me, I always need to be sure I have saved enough energy to go back home against the wind the whole way..because that seems to be what happens! If things get too rough and choppy, you can always go to your knees and paddle from there.

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