Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The First Time On The Road

Man, was I excited. We were hitting the road and for the first time, and it was as Ed's Eco Adventures. Everything was packed tight and I knew we were heading for the perfect place. Even the 4 hour ride through walls of Love Bugs in the back country couldn't keep me down. In the old days, I was enthused when they built a superhighway from Orlando to Fort Myers, FL, but the freeway driving didn't really take less time and sometimes with the accidents, it could take more. Nowdays we take the old path through the backroads and see the parts of Florida that most tourists will never see. The is always the stop at Sonic the burger drive in, in Bartow Florida and I'm always on the lookout for a food truck on the side of the road in all of the small towns. Once I stopped and had BBQ corn on the cob slathered with Mayonnaise and Cayenne pepper...that was something special!
You know it's the right kind of vacation when even the traveling part is fun....

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