Monday, May 5, 2014

Finding Good Places To Eat While The Wind Is Blowing

A trip down to southwest Florida was way overdue and we managed to hit Pine Island right after a week of bad weather. We arrived a crystal blue sky and temps that ran from the 60's to the 80's...postcard weather, except for the wind. We were dealing with 12-15mph onshore winds that pretty much kept us on shore for the first two days. That meant time to explore the area. We love finding new places to eat, and my wife has mentioned to me that the only thing that can twist my head around faster than a pretty girl in a bikini, is a sign with the word "Bakery" on it. A real find is a Mom and Pop store where the pastries are baked on the premises. we found one this morning in Cape Coral, Florida. Casa Rojas was a better than usual find. Everybody in there was Hispanic and everything looks great. There are sandwiches, desserts and it all looked very good. Then we noticed the prices were lower, like maybe half the price we are used to seeing in a small place. Fortunately, Pam fancies herself to be fluent in Spanish and was quick to point out to our server that the cheese and meat popover actually contained "Queso". We asked about a few things and then settled on a sandwich to split, a cup of water and some desserts for later. Our server then took out a box and started filling it up. Then came two bottles of water. I tried to say no, but gave up when she looked puzzled. it only came to $15.00 and I figured it was worth it. Pam sat there in a booth, looking smug until one sandwich was delivered, and then another and then everything she had asked the name of...guess we picked a bad week to start a diet!

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