Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The View From The Pier

Although I'd much rather surf than watch, sometimes you got to eat and rest up. The Cocoa Beach Pier in Cocoa Beach, FL is a great place for just that.
The food is decent and I've never been unhappy with my experience there. My wife and I head out and chill for a bit, and the waves always seem to look better from that vantage point. In fact, from the surfcams around, the most likely place to find someone out in the water on a board, is right there at that pier. I'd say this place is what most of us think of when referring to surfing in Florida. It's not the best place to surf, it's not the best nor the worst crowd, but it is the place where you will never be alone in the lineup. This, the Cocoa Beach Surf Shop and Ron Jon's Surf Shop count as my main attractions in Cocoa Beach.

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