Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Purchasing a Paddleboard

Paddleboards can be beautiful things, and even though I am very happy with my board, I continue to admire the new ones in surfshops.
The board I ride now is one of the least expensive boards you can buy, a JimmyStyx board from Costco. I have the Beaver model and was able to pick it up for $650 on a day that they were marking them down. That is the trick at Costco, trying to get one of the last few items when they mark them down. The normal price is $750 and even that is a great price for a fiberglass board with a bag, paddle and racks.
The racks were terrible and got tossed right away. The bag is a little big, but a bag like this costs over $100 anywhere you go. The paddle is basic, and if you get into paddleboarding, you will be buying something better very soon.
I have ridden this board for almost 2 years now, mostly on lakes, but plenty of time has been spent surfing with it. I replaced the fin with a 11" fin I had, and that made a big difference in my ability to catch waves. The only thing I would rather have is a tri-fin setup, which is what I use on a surfboard. It makes turning easier, but you still get the push for catching waves.
Bottom line: you don't have to spend $1600 to have fun paddleboarding. Seriously, this is one of those things where you just DO IT. I weigh about 193 on a good day, and the Beaver works just fine. Weight is definitely something to consider when selecting a board. I'd say too big beats too small every single time. Don't let a salesperson tell you how they know somebody that is 260 lbs and they have no problem on it. Know that if you are big compared to everyone you know, you want a bigger board than everyone else would get.
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