Saturday, November 2, 2013

the Last Thing I Needed the First Thing This Morning.

ahhh, nothing like it. Standing in the middle of the lake, nothing but oily glass and the sun just starting to light up the trees and the crystalline blue sky. A bird swoops to the water for his morning snack and all is as it should be...until my neighbor paddles into view, jabbering away on her bluetooth. I wonder just how many years us humans have been stopping and silently watching sunrises and sunsets. At the beach, I find it common to see people getting up, just to see the sunrise and then leave on to other things. I've been on the west coast, seeing folks with cameras, including myself, just hoping to capture the best sunset ever. Perhaps it is just a reminder that something wonderful happens every single day. One of the strangest sensations is while paddleboarding. Usually, I'm paddling around the edge of a lake. That is the most interesting place, where docks, people, dogs, and so many things seems to be happening, plus this is a way to measure how far you have gone. But...when it is sunrise time, I want to be right in the middle, surrounded by lots of water. I believe that I am trying to recreate a 'place of power', which is something I would have scoffed at 10 years ago, but I am changing my mind. What we sometimes can refer to as "breath-taking nature", can be places that have been used for centuries as a place to stop and think. I have found some of these places by accident and now seek them out. It is difficult to think that it can mean so much to me, while to another paddleboarder, it is just another place to do business....

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