Monday, February 23, 2015

The First Nice Sunday After the Last Freeze

Yesterday was a blast. I'm sore and limping, but the pix from the GoPro are a permanent reminder of the day. Coming right off of a couple of days of freezing weather and cabin fever, and we are on the beach! The wind had been cranking but both Hector and Carmen caught the forecast that predicted the wind would die on Sunday and they were right.
Was a paddleboard the right call for the day? We hit it at high tide, so the waves were a bit mushy, but the leftover chop in the water made it a serious core workout for paddleboarders. I can't remember the last time I fell off my board so often just from random bits of chop hitting me from behind. I'm getting so many good waves though, that I have to believe that the giant board and paddle are just my thing. If I can ever figure out how to handle the impact zone, I will have this thing wired. Right now, it is get out there fast, get some waves and get back out fast...but it doesn't always happen just like that and with yesterday's 5 second interval, I took some beatings on the inside.
Carmen, Sam, Miguel, and Hecti were a great bunch of friends to surf and go to lunch with...I don't have to relive the glory days...we have them now!

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