Monday, December 15, 2014

Too Cold? Nah!

To cold to surf? Well, that is a relative thing, as I found out earlier this year in California. Saturday was a beautiful day, but it started out cold enough to keep us Floridians indoors..except for a few of us. I somehow convinced Pam and Carmen to take a trip to the beach. Even with the sun shining bright and the waves looking inviting, Carmen wasn't sure it was worth it, but once she was in, we were both getting some decent rides and having a good time. The best part is that we could both remember a few years ago, when Carmen was really getting into surfing, where she had to coax me out into a day of surfing in colder weather than this. That is what surfing buddies are for: to get you to go when inertia tells you how nice it would be to just pull the covers over your head a sleep a little bit more.
Pam cheered us on from the her bleacher seat on the beach and even complained that we didn't stay in the water long enough when we finally had enough. It was time to head to Our Deck Down Under, the little eatery under the South Daytona bridge.
The food is really good, and the view is better. In spite of all their efforts to keep the birds away, we had plenty of sea birds walking around our feet, looking for handouts. If you are a bird lover, it's an extra treat to come and see the variety of beggar birds we have in Florida. Speaking of that, for some reason, the sandpipers on the beach are getting very tame. While I was taking off my wetsuit, I about had two of them walking up on my feet. I merely looked at one and he came running up. For all of my travels, Florida is the birdiest state of all.

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