Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Surfing Year....ever

I cannot say why, but this year had more days than I can count of when there were waves and we made sure we were there...and that might be the reason by itself. This photo is from Sunday, 12/28/2014 and it was a day out of a dream. Sure the waves weren't perfect and the weather wasn't perfect...but, in December? A few days ago we were freezing our butts off and we were hoping the wind would just let up a little bit..and then, this. I had to go back and get more. I spent all day today surfing as well. The beach is packed, I assume that nobody is home up in New England right now, but who can blame these people! I mean, our summer days aren't this nice..
Another huge change was me finding out that I could ride a smaller paddleboard in waves, one that turns like a surfboard...the only downside to paddlesurfing in the bigger surf is if you get caught inside, you really get've never seen a mainic paddler like me when I'm just inside the outside break and on my knees paddling to get out when a set is coming in...I need video of That!

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