Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Florida And The Whirly Girl Season

What's it like to be a Florida surfer? On a day like this, you are just hoping that the leftovers from the latest hurricane will send us swell for one more day so we can benefit. If, like me, you live far from the surf spots, you count on the webcams and weather reports. With hurricane weather, it's more difficult to predict, so a day like today that was supposed to be washing machine conditions turns out to be nice and semi-glassy with hundreds of surfers out...but not us landlocked folks, we find out too late. Then there are the other times, when you drive for an hour and a half only to find the prediction to be wrong and it's unsurfable. We shall find out soon, and what it does mean is that in spite of all of the technology produced in the last 40 years, you still get excited about what it might be like once you climb out of the car and mount the steps of the walkway to the beach. It could be anything, but it's never boring....

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