Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Note To My Friends Up North

There are some drawbacks to living in Florida, but none of them were in effect today. That is unless you were hoping to wear your new winter coat.
I spent the earliest part of the day jogging and then paddleboarding around our lake. The sunrise and air temperature were awesome. The water is a little cold, but I think I might survive a fall into it. It's probably about as cold as the ocean in the summer in Los Angeles right now.
I then came to work and spent the day on my laptop, out in the Zen Garden, using some of the best WiFi around. Friends came by for a picnic lunch and by late afternoon it started getting cool enough to imagine the possible need for a longsleeve shirt later...maybe.

Yes, Christmas won't be white and in a few days it could be rainy and windy, but right now, I have a smile on my face that is hard to put away...

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