Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Wire Fox Quest: Part 1



 It is the craziest, most unpredictable year in my life, and I've seen some doozies...yet this year has also contained some moments are possibly better because of everything we've all experienced.

My wife's business is down to about zero, and her team seemed okay with waiting out the pandemic, ready to get back to work when it seemed like it might be safe, but it's looking more and more like nobody really knows when that will be. In fact, today, we read the news that we have just marked the time with the most new reported cases of the virus in a single day...even while it appears that some in our government are making it more difficult to know if the facts we get are trustworthy. In Florida, it is well known that the attitude is "let's get back to work". 

Meanwhile, my family dealt with months of a very different life, one that had lots of TV, and reading. In the middle of all this, many people decided they needed a pet dog in their life and my wife was one of them. The last dog in our menagerie had recently died from old age and we had the empty nest syndrome. Soon, days were filled with websites full of puppy photos and frantic searches for dogs that needed a home.

The breeders were going 'send me money and I'll put you on the waiting list in the event we ever have more puppies'. On top of that, my wife became quite specific in what she wanted for a dog. So, now it was expensive AND impossible to get. Complicating things, were news articles about innocent people getting swindled out of large sums  of money.

In spite of all of this, a puppy was found and the excitement began. For most of our lives, getting a dog meant visiting people that had puppies and seeing if we found one that we liked and it liked us. This time was very different. This was seeing photos of  the mom and dad, and then pictures and video of the puppies as they grew closer to the age where we could have one. Finally, there would be a journey to go get the dog, but this time, it was a serious long drive and to me that meant one thing: Road Trip!


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