Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Letters From Nicaragua: Part 18 - No It's Not On The Beach, But We Do Have Monsters

The resort was almost everything you could wish for. Beautiful homes that came with purified water in a five gallon jug and air conditioning. Stainless steel appliances, pools and all of the amenities we like to get and some we don't expect. We pretty much had maids, and yard guys the whole time we were there. In fact, when we found we had a leaky washing machine and reported it to the owner, less than an hour later, four people showed up to fix it. Of course, their idea to fix it by wrapping plumber's tape around everything didn't work, but I admired their spirit. Our friends had gone together and rented a luxurious mansion on the beach itself. They could just sit all day long on the back porch by the pool and watch the incredible surf action in the shade.
It wasn't just that the houses were nice and there were waves, we also had good size crowds of some of the better surfers I had seen. This was the place to come if you had money and were good at surfing. Nothing like sleeping under a mosquito net and waking up early to walk 20 minutes in the mud to a rock filled beach. This was leave the wife and kids in the pool, pick up your board and walk down the beautiful sandy beach to your favorite break, that is unless the wife and kids had their boards and were coming along. We saw a lot of that. And pretty much everybody could surf better than me. I got used to it pretty quick. If I saw a 14 year old walking down the beach with a short board, I pretty must assumed I'd see him in the tube of a ten foot wave a little bit later.
We spent a lot of time at our friends' place, but we did have our own little get-away home, which sounded awesome in the brochure. It said that it was a little apartment that connected to a really nice home with a shared pool and BBQ area. I had dreams of the main house being empty and us enjoying the whole property like we owned the place I saw in the photos online. My dreams ended abruptly, when we pulled up in the driveway and saw that a family had the house. Dad, Mom and two teenagers with four surfboards, owning the pool, the BBQ and basically everything. We saw that our apartment was more like the servants' quarters out in the backyard.
Considering that we had just come from a place that offered long hikes for cold showers, and no air conditioning, we were thrilled. We stocked the refrigerator up, cranked the air down, turned on the TV and felt really at home. Even seeing that all of the TV channels were in Spanish wasn't that different from home. The bed was nice, the shower was huge and we had a great kitchen. 
 Pam was happy to have a comfy place to lay down and nap or read. I already was having the fear of missing out. Our place was across the street from the beach and our surroundings were more like jungle than beach. I went outside to sit in a rocking chair while Pam relaxed, wondering if I was going to go out in that surf or not. It was then that I heard that strange sound again, as if somebody really far away had a big pack of wolves that were fighting over a chicken. Only this time, it wasn't just once, and it didn't stay far away. I walked around the side of the house and looked off into the jungle, wondering what could live out there that could make a sound like that. The sound came again only this time, it was very close and very loud. I still didn't see anything at all, not even bushes moving, but I did have the sense to run back in the house and lock the door. Pam said, "Okay, let's go out there and I'll tell you what that sound is." We went out and there was nothing but the wind in the trees. She laughed and went back inside. The minute the door closed, I heard it again, only this time it was here, not somewhere far away....

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