Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bokeelia: On The Boat

The main factor on this trip was the wind. There were only a couple of days where the wind let up enough to easily navigate Charlotte Harbor. Most of the time, we were creeping up and down the mangrove waterways that were sheltered from the wind. That was a little tricky, since those spots are very shallow and we were in Dusty's big boat that can't handle the skinny water like the flats boats we were used to. We did find some great spots out of the wind, but one adventure that I will remember forever was creeping up on the oyster bar, finding it in the shadow of the main island and wading the bar with Dusty.

The water was cold and even the little bit of wind that we did get was enough to keep me shivering while we quietly stalked the redfish that were nowhere to be found. About halfway through our walk, the wind shifted and we were suddenly in thigh-deep cold water with a 30 mph wind blowing whitecaps on us. I recall getting into the boat, and laying on the bottom for about a half hour trying to get April in Florida!
We did find the fish that day. In fact, we spent the last part of the day pulling in one snook after another at the inlet to Jug Creek. We knew that things had changed when the trash talking began. I do not abide by such things, except to say that I won biggest fish, best fish, and most fish. My son, as befitting his generation, got a participation trophy. My wife is still contesting the results....

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