Monday, March 13, 2017

My Last Camping Trip Of the Season

The Perkins boys went off into the woods again. This time, I knew two things: the end of the reasonable weather and the beginning of me sitting behind a desk again were both looming in the near future. I liked the idea that there was a company that found my talents useful, but I also liked taking off and having adventures whenever I felt the need. Paul and I agreed that the Travis McGee approach to life is best: fill the treasure chest when it runs low, and enjoy life when it is full.
We reserved the site: Dock 2, for one weekend a month and have started to feel like this is our home away from home. Mind you, it is a good 1 1/2 miles to the nearest flush toilet and even further to the nearest shower. There is only one shower for men in the campground. It is non-potable sulphur water, but at least it can get semi-warm if you leave it running long enough. Those walks to the bathroom and the shower were how we managed to achieve a brand new goal. 40,000 steps in one day. Hey, if you start walking in the morning and finish about 11pm at night, you can do it. You sleep very well after a day of that. We had the most wind I've seen followed by dead calm with bugs...I prefer something in between, but at least we left before the rain and cold arrived in Florida.
Once again, I saw many people fishing, and nobody catching any fish. One guy we met coming off the water from a kayak claimed to have caught 2 redfish....but we all know about fishermen and their tall tales. Next time I'm taking a fishing rod to see if I can verify the claim that there are actually any fish out there in that water. 
We had the fires, the political rap sessions, mostly me standing in for the "left-wing, snowflake, tree-hugging hippies", while my brothers complained about Trump not being allowed to do his job, or to my way of thinking "have his way with our country".  I always enjoy these conversations, but have to admit, it was easier for me when Obama was president!
I tried an experiment on this trip: Cast Iron skillet brownies....I'm gonna have to work on that one...3 guys all alone in the woods, and I threw away about half the brownies. I guess they don't like them burned on the bottom and gooey on top.....

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