Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fun On The Waves In Cocoa Beach: The New Brusurf 9'6" SUP

I've been riding Brusurf boards for a few years now, and was curious if there would be any changes in the new version of my favorite, the 9'6", and it appears to be a bit thinner and more pointed on the front. I was fortunate to have some decent waves on a trip to Lori Wilson park in Cocoa Beach recently and had a great time on the new board. The board also seems a bit lighter, so my best guess is that they are making small tweaks to the design without giving up any of the parts of the design that make this work so well for me in Florida. The stock center fin is quite a bit larger than on the previous model, which is a change that I made myself on my last board. This gives you quite a bit more stability front to back. No problem catching waves and no problems going fast enough to beat the break. The board also seemed to track well in flat water, although I haven't yet tried any long distance lake paddling.
I highly recommend this board to anyone up to 240 lbs. in flat water or Florida surf. It's light, stable and can get you a load of fun in the surf.

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