Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Inlet, The Birds, And The Surf

If you ever happen to stumble across this place, which is at the western end of Panama City Beach, you will find this really interesting little inlet. If you manage to visit there off-season, you may even find it all to yourself like we did. Of course, the weekends, spring break and summer are nothing like this and more like a party on the water, but we could still pretend we were off in the wilderness, surrounded by a bird sanctuary on both sides. We even met an Audobon Society volunteer who was policing the area for people with dogs that could be bothering the birds. Unfortunately, the number one troublemaker was somebody she could do nothing about.
We already knew from past experience that those large beautiful Herons not only ate little fish, but will also snatch up eggs and little birds. My daughter is still emotionally scarred from the memory of a Great Heron grabbing up a baby duckling that my daughter had been following around for days. From our Audobon person we found out that Herons do not make a distinction about birds that are on the endangered species list. If it looks like food, they're gonna eat it..

This place had just about everything I liked: plenty of good places to eat, beautiful water, nature, kayaking, surfing, and maybe someday I will even catch a fish there. Truthfully, I probably have a better chance of catching a fish next trip than finding surfable waves...I think I was just very lucky on that note.

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