Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Business Of Eating Healthy On The Road

The waitress was practicing her eye rolls while the missus extolled on how we eat. This came on the heels of a hard sell from the waitress about the $42.99 special at the Texas Roadhouse that came with enough food to feed an army.  The waitress listened to the explanation of how we normally don't eat this much red meat, much less order appetizers. Meanwhile, I am getting sideways glances from both of them. Most likely this was because I had a yeast roll in each hand and one in my mouth. Hey I have to get those carbs where I can, because they sure aren't allowed at home!
By the end of the meal, we both had to admit that this place had served us both a steak that was one of the best we've had and the whole experience was top notch. Not something I expected from a Texas Roadhouse in Panama City Beach. We had salads, ribeye steaks and baked potatoes. It was about the normal price for this area. I would definitely return to this place, if allowed....

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