Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kayak Fishing In Florida: Finding the Redfish

Rick, Mike and I set out at first light this morning to find the redfish known to inhabit this area. Everything was looking good for a nice morning of fishing, except for some stormclouds to the southeast. You do not usually have stormy mornings in Florida summers, but this summer has been quite unusual, lots of wind and storms.
The water was clear, the air was cool and there was only a slight breeze at sunup, really nice conditions all around.
Rick and Mike got into the fish right away, somehow I got too busy with the camera and missed my chance on the first go around..we had bait, swirling water, fish action...I knew that my opportunity was coming up, so I took my time...
Yep...I played with the camera, getting the obligatory selfie, while not paying too much attention to the dark clouds behind me..."Hey, that storm, it's not moving NORTH is it?"

Before you know's rods stowed and let's see how fast this Hobie can go! I'll get those redfish...I'll Be Back!

Note: I love the Hobie Mirage Tandem...and the new model is way better than mine..

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