Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ponce Inlet: The Inlet Harbor Restaurant

A day at the beach and we start looking for good places to eat. I love going to South Daytona and the Sunglow pier area. It's close and easy access for me. When we stay at the beach, we expand the search for food down to Ponce Inlet and one well-known spot is the Inlet Harbor Restaurant. You have to hit this place at the right time or you will have a long wait for a table. We tend to go at 5pm to miss the crowds. This place has live music, an outdoor covered bar and air-conditioned dining on the riverfront. The food and service are very good. From the food I see going out to the tables, it seems like everyone but us is splurging. We tend to get fish sandwiches while others are getting giant seafood dinners. I can say that even the less expensive fare is worth the trip. One thing special is their keylime butter for the rolls. The bread was just average, not what I remember from the past. If you are seeking something different, I would recommend visiting Ponce Inlet and stopping in for a bite.

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